Ways to Act on Issues of Legal or Moral Concern

Clarkson University has several areas of protection for victims, as well as advocates who believe someone else is a victim, that enable reporting of an incident or a purported incident.

  1. The first area is SafetyNet, http://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?ClarksonUniv&layout_id=1, which is an online form that anyone can fill out to report or initiate notification of the right people to explore or address a concern. Concerns to report can range anywhere from a student who may be sick to routinely missing class, from an individual acting out of character to a complaint of abuse. SafetyNet is managed by the Dean of Students who deploys the University's wider resources to address an issue.  
  2. The second area of protection is defined in the Operations Manual in section 3.1.5., Human Resources Policies. Protections defined in this section are around workplace harassment and more specifically sexual harassment. The section is very explicit on what is appropriate or not. The bottom line of any behavior is that it must be respectful and reasonable where the individual is treated like a valued member of the Clarkson community. It cannot be unwanted or coercive behavior. Any unwanted or coercive behavior is not tolerated by the University and additionally individuals who lodge a complaint are protected from any form of retaliation that may occur as a result of the complaint. The Vice President for People Resources investigates all and any complaint and takes immediate action.
  3. The University’s Code of Business Conduct is part of each employee's annual declaration of conflicts of interest and renewal of commitment to Clarkson's values for integrity in business dealings. Within the Code of Business Conduct, the University provides a confidential whistle blower telephone number, 315-268-6737, that goes to the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access. This Vice President for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access also serves as the University Privacy Officer with a phone number that is completely confidential. The voicemail is shared with the Privacy Officer and a designated Trustee to make sure it is handled appropriately.
  4. The Anonymous Crime Tip Form, http://web2.dhcjcp.com/programs/knightwatch/, is a web form that goes to the head of Campus Safety and Security, who then has an obligation to investigate and involve additional university departments or law enforcement as appropriate.
  5. Finally, employees can report an incident or alleged incident to their supervisor to help the University take action on the issue and prevent its reoccurrence and/or protect other members of the campus community as needed.  The scope and severity of the incident defined by both University policies and legal obligations often dictate the response.

Clarkson values the safety and dignity of every individual on campus. It is the role of all of us to create a great place to learn, live and work together.

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