The Clarkson School Admissions & Aid

The Clarkson School Admissions & Aid

A Hands-on Early College Program

If you're ready for college, The Clarkson School is ready for you. In this one-year residential program, complete your senior year of high school on Clarkson University's campus. Push yourself further, taking the same classes as other first-year Clarkson students and through access to research opportunities. And when you finish, you already have a running start toward a bachelor's degree.

Learn more about the benefits of attending The Clarkson School and how to apply.


Why the Clarkson School?

You're the type who likes a challenge — someone who excels when surrounded by others who push you to do more. Attending The Clarkson School gives you that chance. As the second-oldest early college program in the country, we've given thousands of high-achieving students the fuel they need to soar.

Why Attend the Clarkson School?

What to Expect

The Clarkson School isn't "college lite." Here, experience life as a Clarkson student, taking a full course load while participating in student clubs, athletic teams and academic and social organizations. Clarkson students love to solve problems by getting their hands dirty. Sometimes that means building a solar car; sometimes that means launching a business. You can, too.

Living in a residence hall with other Clarkson School students and a dedicated staff of House Advisors (HAs) makes your transition to college easier. Working closely with an academic advisor keeps you focused on the future.

What to Expect as a Clarkson School Student

Fast Facts

STUDENT BODY: ~4,600 students from 40+ states and 60+ countries; ~3,100 undergraduate students

LOCATION (for undergraduate study): Potsdam, New York

HISTORY: 1896 — Founded as the Thomas S. Clarkson Memorial School of Technology, a memorial to Thomas S. Clarkson, a Potsdam businessman and humanitarian. 1913 — Renamed Thomas S. Clarkson Memorial College of Technology — where we

got our chant, “Let’s Go Tech!” 1984 — Renamed Clarkson University to reflect status as a university with master’s and PhD programs in more than two fields.

PRESIDENT: Marc P. Christensen (2022-Present)

MASCOT: Golden Knight

COLORS: Green and Gold, after Thomas S. Clarkson’s favorite flower, the goldenrod

ATHLETICS: 2 Division I sports teams (men’s and women’s hockey); 18 Division III sports teams; 180+ club sports teams and intramural leagues

MILITARY: Army and Air Force ROTC programs


PLACEMENT RATE: 97% in chosen field


ALUMNI: 46,000+

APPLICATION DEADLINES: Early Decision - December 1; Regular Decision - January 15

TEST SCORES: Optional for 2022 Admission; Self-reported 

SCHOOLS: Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries; Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering; Institute for STEM Education; Institute for a Sustainable Environment; Earl R. and Barbara D. Lewis School of Health Sciences; David D. Reh School of Business; School of Arts & Sciences; Graduate School

HONORS PROGRAM: Research-based option for students looking to pursue research even before the start of their first year in college; culminates in a senior thesis.

STUDENT INVOLVEMENT: 200+ clubs, organizations and teams to join on campus, including musical/performance, religious, political, hobby/special interest, volunteer/community service, Greek (9 fraternities, 4 sororities), athletic, academic/preprofessional, honor societies and Leadership development clubs.

CO-OPS & INTERNSHIPS: All Clarkson students have a professional experience before graduation. For the majority of students, this means a co-op or internship with a top company in their industry of interest. 

GLOBAL/OFF-CAMPUS EXPERIENCES: 50+ partner institutions in nearly 30 countries plus three U.S. experiences: Trudeau Biomedical Scholars Semester; Adirondack Semester; Washington D.C. Semester; several Clarkson-led short-term trips throughout the year.

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH: Clarkson is a nationally recognized research university with focus areas in Healthy Global Solutions, Computational and Data-Enabled Discovery, Advanced Materials Development and Next Generation Medicine and Healthcare. Any undergraduate student who wants to perform research with a faculty member has the ability to do so.

HOUSING: Discover Clarkson's housing options here.

By the Numbers


Student-to-faculty ratio. 

Learn from the same world-class faculty as any Clarkson student.


Of our student return to Clarkson for their sophomore year. You can also transfer most (if not all) of your credits elsewhere.


Clarkson School students are eligible for all the same financial aid as other first-year students, including federal, state and University aid, such as grants, loans and scholarships.

Top 10%

Students in The Clarkson School are typically ranked at the top of their high school classes.


Accredited degree programs in which you can start your studies.

Applying to The Clarkson School

The Clarkson School Admissions Committee requires each applicant to submit an application, an essay, transcripts and recommendations. Review all application requirements and financial aid information to get started.

Earning Your High School Diploma

The Clarkson School does not grant high school diplomas. If you want to earn one, you can work with your current high school to develop a suitable academic plan that satisfies your graduation requirements while studying at The Clarkson School. We will incorporate these requirements into your schedule here over the course of one or two semesters.

How to Earn Your High School Diploma

Get the Lowdown

What should you bring to campus? What is there to do in the Adirondacks? What will classes be like? You're not the only one to ask these questions — and you can find the answers from other students on the Clarkson Blog.

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